The Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep

 The Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep

Are you looking for ways to make your bedroom an ultra-calming sanctuary and improve your sleep? Start thinking about colors! In this guide, Pottery Barn shows you how to choose bedroom colors for sleep by making design and decor changes that help you get the best rest possible.

Considering Cool Colors

What color helps you sleep? There are some decorating guidelines that help you select a more relaxing bedroom color. Cool colors like blue, purple and darker blue-greens are relaxing choices for a tranquil, calming space, while warm brights like yellow, red and orange are typically seen as the ideal option for a room filled with activity and fun. Neutrals like white, gray, black, brown and tan can also be good choices for your bedroom.
As you’re choosing bedroom colors, focus on using yellow, orange and bright red as the occasional pop of accent color for decorative effect in your pillows, throws and smaller accessories. Opt for calming neutrals or cool shades on the walls and your primary bedding pieces – like your duvet cover – to make your bedroom feel like a fresh, calm oasis for relaxation.

Choosing Your Hues

If your bedroom walls are already white and you love the way they look, that’s great! However, if you’d like to make your bedroom more den-like and immersive, you can choose a darker neutral or cool shade for your walls. Eggplant purple, hunter green, navy blue and deep gray are all great choices that set a calming, neutral tone that you can accent with your bedding and decor choices.

Another technique is to hone in on particular variations in color contrast between your walls and bedding to keep the room calm and harmonious. For example, if you’re going for white, light gray or pastel blue walls, choose similar light shades for your duvet, sheets and blankets. If you’re opting to darken your walls, it’s easy to maintain a soothing feel if you use other deep shades on your bed. You don’t have to go for a completely monochromatic color scheme if that’s not your style, but try to choose a mix of colors that flows together nicely and harmonizes into a steady, welcoming look overall.

Incorporating Warm Color Pops

If warm colors are your favorites, you can still focus on this element of your personal style for a restful bedroom. Ultimately, the colors that make you happiest are what’s best for your space. However, if you’re having trouble sleeping in your bright orange bedroom, it may be time to dial it back a bit. Choose a tranquil neutral tone for your walls and big bedding pieces – light blue, gray, white and beige are all great options that can look beautiful with warm colors. Then, pick out warm-toned accents like decorative pillows, throw blankets and lamps to add in some of the colors you most love to see. You can even emphasize the presence of your favorite warm color by choosing a serene neutral color palette and bringing in a red, yellow or orange statement art piece to hang above your headboard. With these ideas in mind, it’s easy to bring the best bedroom colors for sleep into your space.


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