6 Steps to Project Perfection

It’s possible to way lay any project with avoidable mistakes. Here are six tips to help you keep your remodel organized.

1. Don’t be impulsive. Do your research.

It might be hard to imagine, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make is rushing headlong into a remodel without proper planning. You might be itching to get started, but beginning a project before you have every detail finalized could be a recipe for disaster. While the planning process varies, 30 percent of people spend between one and two months planning their remodels.

2. Don’t be blindsided by costs. Do stick to a budget.

Going into a remodel without a clear spending limit will guarantee that you go over budget. Thankfully, we can help you get a better idea of how much you can expect your remodel to cost. Having your budget finalized before you meet with your contractors will ensure that you’re able to accurately compare quotes.

3. Don’t hire the first pro. Do interview and get quotes from multiple contractors.

Make sure to interview multiple contractors before moving ahead with your remodeling project. We already guarantee perfect prices and client satisfaction, but  you can compare 🙂

4. Don’t hire the cheapest pro. Do hire the pro you feel most comfortable with.

It’s easy to make your hiring decision based on who charges the least. Beware: There’s probably a good reason a specific quote is the cheapest. Many experts advise tossing out the cheapest and most expensive quotes and hiring a pro whose quote is somewhere in the middle.

5. Don’t check out once you start. Do stay on top of project management.

Once you hire a pro, it’s easy to want to stay out of the way. But it’s always important to check in and get updates. Take an active role in your project’s management to avoid unexpected issues or delays.

6. Don’t have unrealistic expectations. Do be patient.

Understanding the reality of your remodel will allow you to approach your job with a helpful and knowledgeable attitude.


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