Modern bathrooms

Modern bathroom design can work well in bathrooms ranging from tiny to titanic but because of the relatively unadorned seamless aspects of modern design this style is particularly attractive for homeowners who wish to maximize a smaller bathroom space.

Well designed bathroom is a thing of beauty, but it’s made up of a mix of elements. Take inspiration from these updates if you are dreaming of tackling a reno next year, or just want a preview of the coming attractions, these bathroom trends will lead the way in 2021.

Dark Fixtures

Dark fixtures really pop when contrasted by a snowy expanse of marble, as seen by these classic wall-mounted cross taps in this bathroom. The sharp matte fixtures act as punctuation points and accent the shower frame and windows.

Photographer:Stacey Brandford
Source:House & Home March 2020

Integrated Lighting

When it comes to a clean look, nothing tops integrated lighting! In this artful bathroom, illumination is used behind the mirror to highlight the heavily-veined stone, and makes the floating vanity appear even more weightless and spectral.

Photographer:Alex Lukey
Source:House & Home May 2020
Designer:Daniel Harland, Roundabout Studio
Asymmetrical TubsSculptural soakers have been making huge inroads in bathroom design; the next evolution is an asymmetrical shape that offers a one-off focus in the room.

Photographer:Virginia Macdonald
Source:House & Home September 2020
Designer:Anne Hepfer

Multifunctional Enclosures

In the Spring 2020 Princess Margaret Showhouse, designer Sarah Baeumler created a wishlist of features in the principal bathroom ensuite. The rationale for the glassed-in space was simple: it stays warm and cozy, so getting out of the tub is never jarring. This wet room also offers double showers, meaning there is never any waiting.

Photographer:Angus Fergusson
Source:House & Home May 2020
Designer:Sarah Baeumler

Hybrid Floors

We’ve seen mixed media floors break onto the scene in chic restaurants, so it was only a matter of time before they started popping up in homes. Soft pink Moroccan tiles seem to melt into the Scandi-style wood flooring.

Photographer:Alex Lukey
Source:House & Home January 2020
Designer:Architecture by Superkül

Color Saturation

Teal (like Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Color Of The Year) is making a strong showing in this Prince Edward County home, but any rich color can have an equally luscious effect. This moody hue also makes brass fixtures and wood accents really pop.

Photographer:Johnny C. Y. Lam
Source:House & Home December 2019

No Handles

Consider this design move a truly clean slate. Skipping handles makes millwork look sleeker and svelte, putting the emphasis on the beautiful wood grain in this minimalist family home’s bathroom.

Photographer:Alex Lukey
Source:House & Home October 2019
Designer:Jackie Di Cara
Full Marble WallsA dramatic black marble backsplash shows the power of using marble slab, creating visual dimension, and contrasts the pale marble for graphic impact.

Photographer:Phil Crozier
Source:House & Home April 2019
Designer:Stephanie Brown

Black Tubs

This trend mixes edgy black and the old-fashioned charm of a claw foot tub. In this petite Parisian bathroom, the tub is painted black to match the glossy walls for a seamless effect (but one that’s also unabashedly romantic.)

Photographer:Joann Pai
Source:House & Home September 2019
Designer:Jackie Kai Ellis
Mixed Metals

The pendulum has been swinging to brass (especially unlacquered), but there is no rule that everything has to match. Here, a cool metal faucet lives happily besides warm finishes on the sconces, hooks and mirror frame.

Photographer:Alex Lukey
Source:House & Home September 2020
Designer:Orsi Panos

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