Remodeling vs. renovation …

Remodeling vs. renovation …

The same thing or not? People use both words, but we will take a look at the difference, if there is any.

Main difference is how deep the changes go.

A renovation means you will upgrade small things: the construction will be the same, but you will add some cosmetic changes. A renovation is used for improving a broken, damaged, or outdated structure.

In bathrooms remodeling may include refreshing the tile, paint, possibly even removing and replacing the existing sink, toilet, and/or shower; however, the plumbing and electrical systems will be kept in their original locations. In fact, if you want to move pipes it would be considered remodeling.

Renovation may add fresh look, but if you want to move walls or do any other changes to the configuration of the construction you have it would require remodeling.

In general, renovation is cheaper and faster than remodeling. It is an easier way to stay in budget. If you remodel your house the work may include some hidden work which you wouldn’t see at the beginning. Renovations typically entail fewer surprises, since the materials and labor costs are much easier to estimate, given the limited parameters of the project.


If you do remodeling it will be more expensive plus you may also need to obtain permits. Thus, some people take loans in order to remodel.

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